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Alpha Crawler is created to help improving website onsite SEO by providing comprehensive technical SEO site audits.

Crawl the whole website to scan an unlimited number of web pages. Find broken links, redirect chains, duplicate meta tags, and server errors. Fix technical SEO mistakes to save your crawling budget, make search engine bots easy to find and index your website.

Easily scan and detect SEO errors with meta tags, content optimization, indexation, and page speed on certain web pages. Get an advanced SEO report to share it with your clients or subordinates.

Enable website monitoring to prevent your website from unwanted actions. Check out any changes are made on your website and receive uptime alerts on email or messenger.

What can you do with the Alpha Site Crawler Tool?

Our powerful and fast crawler can scrape both small and very large websites efficiently and provide you with real-time results. The average crawling time lasts for 2-3 minutes.

Extract web data
Don’t know how to crawl data from the website? Alpha Crawler provides up to to 100 conditions and four types of search (contains, Regexp, XPath, CSS). So you can easily extract web pages markup, hreflang tags, meta tags, as well as external and internal links.
SEO crawler supplies fast and advanced SEO site audit reports: 404 pages, missing alt tags, duplicate, long, short, or multiple headings. You are just a few clicks away from traffic and sales growths.
70% of SEO experts check their website technical health regularly: crawling and indexing ability. You can use our site crawler for detecting redirect chains, incorrect status codes, and relevant meta tags each time you make any changes on your website. Our key parameters are based on Google Recommendations.
JavaScript websites are considered one of the most complicated ones for SEO. With JavaScript and dynamic content based websites, a crawler has to read and analyze the Document Object Model (DOM). Easily scrape the JS website to improve its technical SEO performance.
Analyze how your website is done according to its linking. Make the site’s hierarchy easy enough for search engine crawlers to access and index it. Check URL structure is organized well according to the website hierarchy.
Crawl website to find internal and external linking issues: 4xx status codes, invalid anchor texts, redirected URLs, etc.

How to use it:

We have made Alpha crawler easy to use for both PRO SEO specialists and those who only start their journey to SEO world. It can be a little bit tricky to figure out all the features of a tool, so don’t hesitate to ask us for help! Use the following guide to start:


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